CL4M0 Commissions

Thank you for your interest in my commissions. Select a type of commission for more information and pricing. Please take some time to read my terms of service before placing an order with me. I have a form available for your convenience, or you may email me or PM me on Discord/Telegram. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Please visit my other page for Adult Themed commissions.

Regular Commissions

My standard fully shaded digital art with minimal to no background.

  • Bust/Icon - $25 USD

  • Half Body - $50 USD

  • Full Body - $75 USD

  • Backgrounds - +25%-100% base price, depending on complexity

  • Large Props - Start at +$10 USD, depending on size and complexity

Sketch Commissions

Digital Sketch on iPad with flat colors and minimal to no background.

  • Bust/Icon - $15 USD

  • Half Body - $30 USD

  • WIPs are not available for sketch commissions. All orders are final.

Pixel Art Commissions

Fully shaded pixel with white border on transparent background, animation options.

  • Small - $10 USD

  • Medium - $25 USD

  • Large - $50 USD

  • Blinking, etc - free upon request

  • Animations - please contact for an estimate

Terms of Service

Basic Rules

  • Client must be 18 years or older, per PayPal's policy

  • The client will only receive a digital copy of the artwork unless previously discussed

  • I have the right to refuse service on a commission that makes me uncomfortable

  • All commissions are for personal use. Commercial works must be discussed separately via email before I will accept the work.

  • Client may request anonymity on the commission queue and upon publishing.

  • Client may use, post, and edit the commission so long as credit is given where due.

  • By placing an order and completing a payment, you are accepting my Terms.

Subjects/Won't Draw

  • Please keep in mind that I mostly work with bright colors and feminine characters. Expect these traits in your order. Refunds cannot be granted for stylistic reasons.

  • I will NOT draw the following:

  • Sexual content involving minors or work depicting bestiality

  • Extreme muscle/Extreme fat, Inflation

  • Work depicting propaganda, bigotry, or hatred

  • Style matching (I will only draw in my own style)

  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable

  • Certain fetishes (For more info on fetish work, please refer to this page)


  • Orders should be placed with the provided form or via email, Discord, or Telegram.

  • I also may accept orders on my Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, or FurAffinity DMs, but response time will be significantly slower and should be used with caution

  • Please specify what type of commission you are ordering, any references, and additional details when you place your order. The less questions I need to ask, the faster I can start and finish your commission

  • You may request a quote before ordering. Quotes are valid for 2 months from my response date.


  • Payments must be made in full before I start your commission. I will ask for your PayPal Address so that I may invoice you.

  • All payments must be made in USD. Client is responsible for converting currency before sending.

  • Buyer is not responsible for Paypal's fees. This is a violation of PayPal's ToS.

  • Any tips or donations may be added onto the invoice or sent to me via Ko-Fi

  • All funds are unused by me until work is delivered expect in cases of emergency

Works in Progress (WIPs) and Due Dates

  • A sketch/WIP will be sent out at least once to see if changes need to be made. Approval is required for me to continue.

  • Additional WIPs may be provided upon request up to twice per piece. Requesting too many WIPs slows my work down and may result in me cancelling your order.

  • Please allot for at least 1 (one) month for delivery. I have a busy schedule and health issues which may affect my speed.

  • Client will be notified if any unexpected delays beyond the 1 month period and may be eligible for a partial or full refund.

  • Delays caused by a client's lack of communication is not subject to a refund.

  • Client may request a commission by a certain date but may be subject to rush fees.

Changes and Corrections

  • Your satisfaction is my priority.

  • Minor changes and mistakes made by me may be fixed free of charge upon delivery.

  • Major changes may cost an additional fee if they were caused by unclear references or client changing mind.

  • If the reference was unclear to start with or was text/mood board based, all changes will cost an additional fee or may be denied all together.

  • Communication with me during the ordering and WIP processes are crucial to ensure little to no changes are needed! I cannot read your mind!

Refunds and Cancellations

  • If a commission has not yet been started or the sketch has not been delivered, the client is eligible for a full refund

  • If the sketch has been delivered and I have not begun other work on it, the client is eligible for a partial (usually 50%) refund

  • After I have worked past the sketch phase, there will be no refunds, even if the client still wishes to cancel

  • I have the right to cancel and refund the order if a client makes me feel uncomfortable or is disrespectful to me

  • Any base sketches of orders that have been cancelled may be reused by me for future work without notification or consent of the client

Please feel free to email or message me with any questions or concerns you may have!